Agricultural Equipment for Hire Ballarat

At Palmer Hire, Ballarat, we have a huge list of agricultural equipment for hire in Ballarat and surrounding districts. We are continually updating our equipment hire and machinery hire range, so if what you are looking for isn't here, make sure you call Palmer Hire Ballarat to discuss your hire and equipment rental requirements.

Tractor Diesal 50 H.P (Bare)    
Tractor & Grader Blade 6' (rear)    
Tractor & Plough-Furrow    
Tractor & Slasher 5.ft Heavy Duty    
Tractor & 5.ft Rotary Hoe    
Tractor & 1. Tyne Ripper & Pipe Layer    
Trailer for Tractor (Supplied)    
Grader Blade '6 (with own tractor)    
Plough & Furrow (with own tractor)    
Slasher 4.ft (with own tractor)    
1. Tyne Ripper & Pipe Layer    
Post Driver (steel)    
Post Remover (star)    
Log Splitter Petrol- Mobile    
Saw Bench 30' Petrol- Mobile    
Water Cart 225 Gallon Mobile    
Water Cart- Mobile (pump & hoses)    
Wite Strainers    
Wire Spinner    
Barb Wire Buggy    
Post Hole Borer (with chainsaw)    
Super Spreader- Towable (18m spread)    

Please call for Daily Hire Rates, Delivery Of Equipment Extra  

Agricultural Equipment