Garden Equipment Hire Ballarat

Ballarat's premier hire company, Palmer Hire, have an extensive range of garden equipment for hire. Come in and see our range of contact us for more information. 

Brush Cutter Nylon (cord extra)    
Brush Cutter Steel Blade    
Brush Cutter Saw Blade    
Tree Pruner Petrol    
Chainsaw 12'    
Chainsaw 18'    
Dingo Mini Loader & Stump Grinder    
Gas Flame Thrower (gas extra)    
Hedge Trimmer Petrol    
Hedge Trimmer Electric    
Weed Sprayer (200ltr)    
Knapsack Sprayer (manual)    
Lawn Rollers (water filled & solid)    
Lawn Edger Petrol    
Lawn Comber Scarifier    
Lawn Corer Petrol    
Turf Cutter    
Lawn Aerator (manual)    
Lawn Mower Victa 24' Cut    
Lawn Mower Domestic with Catcher    
Lawn Vacuum Petrol (walk behind)    
Garden Blower    
Garden Blower & Spouting Cleaner    
Garden Vacuum & Shoudler Bag    
Slasher Mower 28' Cut    
Heavy Cut Slasher    
Mulcher Towable (75mm max)    
Super Spreader Towable (18m spread)    
Broadcaster Spreader    
(lawn seed fertilizer, gypsum)    
Lawn Leveler (manual)    
Hydraulic Post Hole Digger    
with own tralier (6' 10' 12' 14' auger)    
Post hole digger (manual 4' 6' 10' auger)    
Post hole borer (with chainsaw)    
Dingo Mini Loader & Rotary Hoe    
(1000mm cut)    
Hydraulic Rotary Hoe (forward & reverse)    
Rotary Hoe (24' cut)    
Rotary Tiller    
Post Driver (steel)    
Post Remover (star)    
Wire Strainers    
Wire Spinner    
Barb Wire Buggy    
Water Cart 225 gallons Mobile    
Water Cart- Mobile (pump & hoses)    
Wheel Barrow    
Crow Bar, Shovel    
Sledge Hammer    
Trench Shovel    
Post Hole Cleaner (12' 14')    

All Prices Include G.S.T, Delivery of equipment extra

Garden Equipment Hire