Ladders, Trestles and Scaffolds Hire Ballarat

Palmer Hire have a huge range of ladders, trestles and scaffolds for hire in Ballarat and surrounds. Contact us for more information.

Cherry Picker (12m)      
Ladder Extension 12'      
Ladder Extension 18'      
Ladder Extension 20'      
Ladder Extension 26'      
Step Ladder 6'      
Step Ladder 10'      
Step Ladder 12'      
Step Ladder 14'      
Aluminium Planks (4m)      
Timber Planks      
Trestles (bricklayers pair)      
Scaffold 6'x6' Self Lock 3 Day Min      
Scaffold 8'x4' Self Lock 3 Day Min      
Super Trestles & Plank (4'6 5'6)      
Scissor Lift (19' Own Trailer)      
Trestles 8' 10' 12' 3 Day Min      
With Hand Rail Kit       
Safety Harnesses      


Ladders, Trestles & Scaffold