Automotive Tools Hire

Palmer Hire, Ballarat, have a huge range of automotive tools for hire. Contact us and we will provide the right tools for your job.

Impact Wrnech (3/4′ or1/2′ drive)
3/4′ Drive Socket Set (up-50mm)
1/2′ Drive Socket Set (AF + Metric) Single Socket
1/2′ Impact Sockets (AF+ Metric)
Battery Charger (small)
Battery Charger (large)
Car Ramps (pair)
Car Stands (pair)
Engine Stand
Bottle Jack (hydraulic)
Floor Crane (engine)
Trolley Jack (small)
Trolley Jack (large)
Porta Power (10 tonne)
Tension Wrench
Coil Spring Compressors
Valve Spring Compressors
Ring Compressors (small, large)
Compression Testers
Cylinder Hones (deposit on stones)
Brake Falring Tool
Polishing Buff
Spray Gun/Hose/Compressor
Roof Rack (pair)
Towing Mirrors (pair)
Slide Hammer
Soldering Iron (electric)


All Prices Include G.S.T, Prices are based on a daily hire rate unless other wise stated.