Lifting and Moving Equipment

At Palmer Hire we have a range of lifting and moving equipment suitable for a range of jobs. Contact us for more information on our hire equipment.

Block & Tackle (1 tonne)
Block & Tackle (2 tonne)
Chain (6m)
Chaining Dog
Brick Buggy
Floor Crane (engine)
Hand Pallet Truck
Hand Winch (4 tonne)
Hand Trolley (stair)
Piano Trolley
Jack Garage (4 wheel small)
Jack Garage (4 wheel large)
Hydraulic Bottle Jack
House Jack
Trewhella Jack (5 tonne)
Machine Skate
Porta Power (10 tonne)
Plasterboard Lifter (4ms high x 6m sheets)
Top Lift Brick Hoist
(set up/ pull down extra)
Duct Lifter (18′ 5.5m)

All Prices Include G.S.T, Delivery of equipment extra