Plumbing Equipment Hire Ballarat

Palmer Hire has a massive range of plumbing equipment for hire for either individuals or businesses. Contact us for our range of plumbing equipment we can hire in Ballarat and surrounds.

Drain Cleaning Snake (electric 100ft)
Drain Cleaner (3/4′ 11/2’x 35′)
Fire Hydrant Stand Pipe
Pipe Bender (hydraulic to 2′)
Pipe Flaring Kit (3/16′ 1/2′)
Pipe Flaring Kit (1/2′ 3/4′)
Tube Bender (1/8′ 11/2′)
Pipe Cutter (1/8′ 1′)
Pipe Cutter (1/4′ 2′)
Pipe Threader (manual 1/4′ 1′)
Pop Riverter (small)
Pop Riverter (large)
Pop Riverter (air)
Oxy Colt Set (inc gas)
Shears Metal Cutting
Roof Iron Sheers
Stilsons (small, large)
Soldering Iron Gas
Soldering Iron Electric
Vice with Bench

All Prices Include G.S.T. All prices are based on a daily hire rate unless otherwise stated.